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    About Python Stack

  • SCS Tech’s Python Stack is designed to help learners understand Web as an effective communication medium, enabling them to create effective and dynamic web pages by getting the end-to-end exposure required to analyse and develop applications on various front-end, back-end and database tools where every layer, from the machine code up to the browser, is written in Python.
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Why learn Python Stack?

  • Python was designed from the beginning with simplicity in mind. This was a breath of fresh air at the time of its creation since some of the more dominant languages at the time were C and C++, which aren't very user friendly.
  • Python allows you to learn the concepts of programming first before getting in to the dirty details of how high-level code is translated in to machine-level code, which you should absolutely learn, just not when you're first starting off.
  • A vast majority of the things you'll want to do with Python is usually already done for you in these standard libraries. So you can start creating cool things with little effort, like apps with machine learning.
  • Python has very good error handling and reporting, while many other languages don't .
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Program Outline

  • SCS Tech’s Python Stack is an all-inclusive training program which enables learners to become an expert developer who can build various applications on various backend and frontend technologies.




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