Python Programming

Why learn Python Programming?

In an era where bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, and automation has taken the IT industry by storm, learning Python has become mandatory. Large enterprises have realised that Python, being extremely dynamic and emphasizing on code readability, allows developers to code less. Moreover, Python also supports multiple programming paradigm, clear syntax, and offers good OOP support, all of which increases the efficiency of both the developers, and the enterprise itself. To keep up with the innovations and trend in the industry, enterprises are trying to recruit more developers who are thorough with Python. The skill gap in the industry, however, is a major challenge the industry is trying to eliminate.
Python Programming

Data Science with Python SCS Tech

SCS Tech’s Data Science with Python course is designed to help learners master data analysis by deploying various techniques, algorithms by understanding and applying these features in real-time scenarios. Upon completing the course, Learners will be able to analyze data and find relative patterns to predict outcomes on a variety of data sets. Learners also pick up the skills to analyze continuous data in various scenarios by obtaining the right set of text and apply required analytics.




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