CCNA Security Course


    About CCNA Security

  • CCNA Security course is ideal for network engineers to maximize the foundational networking knowledge and provides validation for the skills acquired.
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Why learn CCNA Security?

  • Computer networking and infrastructure management has become an integral part of almost all organisations.
  • Despite the fact that companies and organizations have an array of computers and communication tools at their disposal, to a certain degree, they tend to be separate.
  • This sets them back significantly as the accuracy and speed of data-flow and transactions play a vital role in an organization’s success. To overcome such obstacles that limit the efficiency of infrastructure Networking jobs are in great demand with companies and various government agencies looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure.
  • Major companies like Cognizant and Infosys are big recruiters for network management, and with services like Universal Identification becoming more relevant over the past few years, there is an increase in demand for professionals who can manage networks in the public sector as well. Management, networking becomes a crucial element in an enterprise’s day-to-day operations.

Program Outline

  • SCS Tech’s CCNA Security course is specifically designed to address the challenges faced while implementing and maintaining networks and provide effective solutions to secure the networks from breaches.
  • This course provides Learners with the required foundation to understand the importance of good network security and the various techniques to protect the system from threats. The hands-on, practical skills that Learners get during the program helps them to design and provide a high-level security implementation and troubleshooting skills.




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