AWS Course

Cloud computing today plays a crucial role in the success of an enterprise, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the frontrunner in the cloud computing race over the past few years. Enterprises often leverage AWS for an array of cloud services that can be customised to best fit their IT environment. This large list of services and solutions include application hosting, web hosting, analytics, big data storage, disaster recovery, backup, and customized projects for Internet of Things among many other. The reputed players like Netflix, Reddit, Expedia, Aircel, Airbnb and even NASA run their applications on Amazon Web Services and the steep rise in the adoption of the AWS cloud infrastructure has opened doors for a lot of career opportunities.
aws course

Course Objective

SCS Tech's AWS Architect training helps learners to get a thorough understanding of AWS architecture and enhance the AWS infrastructure using various AWS services and solutions to ensure lower investment, enhanced performance and efficiency.

Learning AWS at SCS Tech

SCS Tech’s online AWS Architect course is designed to give you competitive edge in the ever-evolving IT job market. The intensive 46+ hour training program will provide learners with an in-depth knowledge of the AWS architecture, and explore various applications, tools and trends to leverage AWS managed services to enable greater flexibility and resiliency in an infrastructure. Master one of the most in-demand skills with industry experts and practice working on outcome-oriented, industry grade projects on cloud labs. The training program is ideal to prepare for AWS certifications.
aws course




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